Saturday, March 26, 2011


Mason had a read-a-thon at school and his group read a story of skippyjonjones. The siamese cat that thinks he is a chihuahua, it was really cute and Mason was Skippyjonjones. He saved the day when he popped the great bumblebeeto with his sword and got all the beans back for everyone.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mason's Baptism

Oh my heck...I can't believe that I am old enough to have an 8 year old:) Mason's day was so awesome...after the baptism we went to Jensen Pond in Syracuse and had his luncheon in the visitors center. It was so mess at my house and everyone was in the same room not half upstairs and half down! Thanks to all our family and friends that came out and supported little Mason:)
The 3 kids being baptized that day:)

new years and sledding

I am so slacking:)
The kids LOVED sledding when we had snow...this year has been very funny!

Mason kept falling off and Marshal would not get off the 4-wheeler. He didn't want to fall off:) Abbie was just loving the few minutes that mom let her ride.

Happy New Years!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

cAtcHinG UP iS HaRD tO Do...

but here it goes...

Our Christmas visitor...

We had a special visitor come before Christmas...One of our friends dresses up and goes around the ward/neighborhood and visits the kids...even though Mason knows him it is still so much fun. I remember one year their Grandpa Mathis dressed up like Santa and Mason knew him...but he thinks it is SO cool that some people that he knows is Santa's helpers. So Thank you Rob:)

my boys LOVE the snow...even though it means daddy gets to be out plowing in Syracuse ALL the time! They love to go outside and shovel, my neighbors probulary think I am a slave driver:) But the LOVE it. When Mike does finally get home from work...he LOVES to play with them...
GingerBread Houses...

we made gingerbread houses and boy did the kids LOVE would have thought they haven't had candy in our house for a while:)Pictures in front of the tree:)...and yes this is Abbie's new smile:)...silly girl!
Christmas... yes...Mason put these out all by himself:) and YES...there is a carrot for each reindeer!

Christmas morning was a BLAST! The kids got all they wanted plus some:) we opened gifts up and then off we went to the Stokers...were we ate breakfast and opened more presents! And after a few hours playing we headed over to the Mathis'...were we ate our lunch/dinner and what?...opened more presents!!!! Just to say we SCORED!!!!

all the "boys" at the Stoker house
Grandma got a baby Abbie and Kate had...HAD to play with it:)
Marshal got some fun "work" stuff...the goggles were the HIT!these are the "wicked" hats that my nephews got from grandpa and grandma...I hope that means that they like them:) told ya...the glasses were FUN!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

TuRKey TrOT...

well we as a family ran our first was the Turkey Trot in was to earn money for a little girl named Chloe so she can get a park that she is able to play in!!! She is so stinkin cute... So I made turkey hats for my kids to wear durring the run...this is how they turned out...
they all wore them proud! This is Mason with his xbox 360 which he thinks he won...they had a silent auction after the run, and he secretly placed a bid on this item with out mom and dad knowing it until we had to pay for it! Merry Christmas (early) to Mason:)

This is Chole and her dad while running the 5K...I was so priveledged to run along side of them the whole thing! and this is her family at the auction...thanks Tara for letting us be part of your day!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Halloween was so much's an overload of how it went...:)

we went to a trunk and treat with Carrie, Jon and Kate...
This is my cute nephew Statton...I mean this is my adorable Grandma:)
we went to see our Grandparents and Great Grandparents...SO FUN!!!!
we went Trick or treating around our grandparents and then around our much candy, fun, and crazy people!!!